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Comic 74 - Big ol' banner

4th May 2016, 1:14 PM
Big ol' banner
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Author Notes:

Smilocide 4th May 2016, 1:14 PM edit delete
I kinda forgot a bit that I had promised to pad out my CML sabbatical with a bunch of irrelevent junk. Anyway, most of the junk I THOUGHT I wanted to post was either just a recycling of stuff from my DA or utter piffle. This, however, is going to be a big banner I'm going to have made for when/if I make it to a con. Incidentally, this is still KIND OF a work in progress, so please give me your feedback/suggestions/excoriating verbal abuse.



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Rd Ashes 4th May 2016, 7:51 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Wowsers! I don't know what more you could do to this one.
This must have taken you forever.

There's not even one thing that I can think of that you could do to improve this thing. It's pretty tight.

I love that you gave Clownfish a (nearly) front row seat here.
I love the details like the star, and the bear trap.

Man, if I drew this, I'd be so freakin' proud.
Smilocide 4th May 2016, 10:32 PM edit delete reply
Thanks so much! It did take a CRAZY long time! I wanted to make sure I included everything that IS CML. I've been concerned that it's too busy and confusing (if you haven't noticed, I tend to do that a lot), so I've been tweaking the colors for days!

But if I got your seal of approval, it can't be too bad!
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